Problem installing Confluent Platform

Apologies if I’m posting in the wrong category. I didn’t see any categories that looked appropriate.
I have installed Confluent Platform 7.5.2 per the [Install Confluent Platform using Systemd on RHEL and CentOS](https://Install Confluent Platform using Systemd on RHEL and CentOS) page. I’m installing on Amazon Linux 2023 AWS instance. I’ve completed all steps up to “Test that you set the CONFLUENT_HOME variable correctly by running the confluent command: confluent --help”. When I run confluent --help, I get the following error:
confluentinc/cli crit platform linux/arm64 is not supported. Make sure this script is up-to-date and file request at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub
As I just extracted the Confluent from the confluent-7.5.2.tar.gz tarball, I believe the script should be up-to-date. Can anyone provide some direction on how I might correct this situation?