Programatically creating Kafka API Keys

I am trying to create a Kafka API Key for a Basic Cluster using the Cloud API and I am getting the following error:

  "errors": [
      "id": "#################",
      "status": "403",
      "code": "forbidden_access",
      "detail": "You're not allowed to use this api yet. Contact Confluent to enable it.",
      "source": {}

Do I need to use a Standard cluster to use the Cloud API?

hi @alexcocinda

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afaik there is no difference regarding the api.

the user you are using has the OrganizationAdmin role assigned?


I checked and I have the OrganizationAdmin role.

did you create proper Cloud API keys?

how did you setup the whole env?


I created the Cloud API Key from the we portal with global access rights. Are you asking about the development environment or the cloud clusters environment?

asking about the environment you try to access.

for reference just tested with a basic cluster the following works:

confluent api-key create --resource lk-xxxxx

When i try the key generated with the CLI I get an “invalid key” error. However, we are not going to use the cloud API anymore, so I’ll reply with the resolution if we ever use it again. Thank you for the help!