Rest API Endpoint for Connectors

I am trying to hit the REST endpoint for post/get the connectors from my cloud Kafka environment, But always getting 404 not found, not sure the api is exposed or not, end point I am using : https://*


can some one help me to find out the correct REST endpoint to connect with connectors.?

Hi, the documentation is here: Confluent Cloud API Reference Documentation

you need to point to the api url:{environment_id}/clusters/{kafka_cluster_id}/connectors

we tried same just now. But getting below errors. The bae 64 token generated from the key we get it from the cluster section API Keys. Any idea on this?
“errors”: [
“id”: “e44702dd3c639bd38af527cdcc887e17”,
“status”: “403”,
“detail”: “invalid API key”,
“source”: {}

You need to create an API key for the whole Confluent Cloud, not for a specific cluster. See an example in the docs here

Thanks, this worked.

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