REST API 404 errors on some documented commands

I am having difficulties with the REST API and I’m not sure what I misunderstand about it.
I’m using nodeJS and javascript to query the API - along with using cURL to manually check that the API commands are correct.

Something that works as expected:

curl --silent -X GET http://<IP address>:8083/connectors 
returns simply '[  ]' (empty array)
  • Which I understand means I have no connectors installed - which is correct for the development system I am trying this on. When I use the same query on a production system I get a suitably verbose answer.

But then:

curl -X GET
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8090 after 2022 ms: Connection refused

And the other query from documentation (URL to kafka documentation referenced - Confluent REST Proxy 6.0: Putting Kafka to REST) to get cluster information isn’t working.

curl http://localhost:8082/kafka/v3/clusters
also returned “404 not found

The version information from the system (from http::8083/) is:

  version: '6.0.0-ccs',
  commit: '17b744c31e00868b',
  kafka_cluster_id: 'AHSIbhcaRAmKkWV0lo1I4w'

I’m trying to put together a small command line app that returns status information of the kafka installation (monitoring information as it’s called in some of the confluent documents) and I thought the REST API would be efficient.

Thanks to any and all for help.