Recording ready to view: SPEAKER Q&A THREAD: 17 August 2023 - Next Generation Streamers: an Apache Kafka® Intern Showcase 2023

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  • :spiral_calendar: When: 17 August 2023 at 01:00 (UTC)
  • :speaking_head: Speaker(s): Wyatt Holden, Hui Wang, Chang You
  • :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Talk(s):
  1. The importance of understanding Kafka & Kafka Streaming in today’s tech space (Wyatt Holden, Walmart Global Tech)

  2. Declarative Data Pipelines with Hoptimator (Hui Wang, LinkedIn)

  3. Integration of SPIRE to Kafka service-to-service authentication project (Chang You, Confluent)

Every summer, a new group of interns are given an opportunity to gain enriched knowledge of Apache Kafka. Within their short internships, these hard-working interns are able to gain experience with new technologies and become better developers along the way.

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