Recording ready to view: SPEAKER Q&A THREAD: 28 February 2022 - Apache Kafka® 101 (APAC)

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  • :spiral_calendar: When: 28 February 2022 at 02:00 (UTC)
  • :speaking_head: Speaker(s): Renu Gokhale
  • :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Talk(s): Apache Kafka® 101

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform used to collect, process, store, and integrate data at scale. It has numerous use cases including distributed logging, stream processing, data integration, and pub/sub messaging.

In order to make complete sense of what Kafka does, we’ll delve into what an “event streaming platform” is and how it works. So before delving into Kafka architecture or its core components, let’s discuss what an event is. This will help explain how Kafka stores events, how to get events in and out of the system, and how to analyze event streams.

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For those who missed it, Husayn Campbell, @jrock9000 will be running the free training session online with the Kafka 101 walkthrough exercise at 6PM UTC (That’s 1 PM Eastern & 10 AM Pacific in the US.)
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