S3 sink connector in confluent cloud UI

I am using Free tier Confluent cloud . I have a cluster in Basic Tier rather standard tier.

I have a connector already for Data Generator.

I want to try building a s3 sink connector.

i am following steps in here

the step 4 says enter the connector details. but in Confluent cloud i don’t see that.

I am wondering is this limitation for Free tier, Basic cluster or permission issue? I logged into confluent cloud as admin of environment.

I have uploaded two pictures from what i am seeing when i want to setup s3 sink connector

I’m guessing that your cluster is not in AWS - is that the case?

If it’s in AWS you would see the fully managed connector and the linked instructions would apply:

If not in AWS, there is only the self-managed S3 Sink Connector option and those instructions wouldn’t apply:

From the docs here it looks like you can contact support if you’d like to use the fully managed S3 sink connector on a non-AWS cloud platform:

The following are limitations for the Amazon S3 Sink Connector for Confluent Cloud.

  • The data system the sink connector is connecting to should be in the same region as your Confluent Cloud cluster. If you use a different region or cloud platform, be aware that you may incur additional data transfer charges. Contact your Confluent account team or Confluent Support if you need to use Confluent Cloud and connect to a data system that is in a different region or on a different cloud platform.

Thank you. you may correct. i see gcp for example in here https://pkc-n3603.us-central1.gcp.confluent.cloud:443

i don’t know why. how can i verify it ?

I remember i chose AWS.

what are my options? can i create another cluster for AWS? or it is environment setup and i need to create another confluent cloud account for aws?

You can create a new cluster in AWS – no need for a separate Confluent Cloud account.

For the sake of completeness, if you procured Confluent Cloud through the Google Cloud Marketplace then you wouldn’t be able to create resources in AWS, but it doesn’t sound like that is the case since you mentioned “free tier”. There isn’t currently an option that Confluent would call a “free tier” so I assume this means that you haven’t entered a payment method and are using credits.

thank you for your help. I appreciate it

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