S3SinkConnector can't find only a specific S3 bucket

Hi there,

We have the S3SinkConnector installed in our Confluent Kafka Connect and while using about 30 connectors that are exports data to the AWS S3 bucket(“test-bucket/a”) are running.

“test-bucket/a” bucket access is possibe with AWS CLI, and running connectors also operates normally.
But it is impossible to create a new connector only in the “test-bucket/a” as shown below.

  1. “s3.bucket.name”: “test-bucket/a”
  • The existing connector is operating normally, But failed on new creation.
  1. “s3.bucket.name”: “test-bucket/b”
  • Creation successful.
  1. “s3.bucket.name”: “test-bucket”
  • Creation successful.

When the task starts running we got this error.

org.apache.kafka.connect.errors.ConnectException: Non-existent S3 bucket: test-bucket/a

What is the problem?


Last I checked, buckets cannot contain slashes. I assume you meant to use topics.dir to set up a prefix within the test-bucket bucket?