SAP Event Mesh VS Confluent Kafka

What is difference between SAP event mesh and confluent kafka?
Which use cases are suitable to be implemented in SAP event mesh in comparision in confluent kafka?
What architectural and solution benefit can confluent kafka provide over confluent kafka?

Please note: Confluent Platform includes Apache Kafka.

If you’re only referring to the Kafka broker, then you should be able to link the two using tools such as Kafka Connect…

Reading over the SAP blog, they use some “cds” schema alongside JSON, whereas the Confluent Schema Registry supports multiple formats for record definition and binary records that occupy less space over the network.

The blog shows usage of publishing records over REST channels into the queue. For Kafka, that’s only possible with the REST Proxy. Otherwise, code needs to use native Kafka clients.

For consuming data, it’s unclear what the delivery semantics will be for SAP, or if data is persisted after consumption, as it would be in Kafka.

ref [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh – CAP based implementation of SAP Event Mesh in a Single-Tenant Scenario | SAP Blogs

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