SMT in Kafka Connect

I want to extract specific fields from my CDC JSON data. I am using Debezium MySQL connector. Can I use SMT for the same ? If Yes, how should approach for this?

Can we use SMTs for all of the connectors or for specific connectors?

Thanks in advance.

@shubhamshirur Kafka Connect SMT is built into the connect framework itself and can be used for any connector. For source connectors, the SMT transforms events after the source connector has produced them. Here is some documentation: Overview | Confluent Documentation and the embedded blog post

@rick Can I use it in standalone mode too? And where do I have to mention those properties in connector configuration or worker’s? Thanks for Quick reply

@shubhamshirur they are configured on a connector by connector basis, so you provide them in the connector config. Check the blog post, I believe it has some more details on getting started. Yes, they work in standalone mode.

Thank you so much @rick

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