The mqtt-proxy docker stopped by error "Topic authorization failed"

Dear team,

I got below error when I run kafka-mqtt-proxy:

[2023-09-25 07:25:43,201] [main] ERROR Stopping Kafka-MQTT due to error (io.confluent.mqtt.KafkaMqttMain:68)
org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TopicAuthorizationException: Topic authorization failed.

The image is: confluentinc/cp-kafka-mqtt:5.4.2
And the related setting is “KAFKA_MQTT_TOPIC_REGEX_LIST”: “test-v1:test-v1”

So, what is the required permissions for that topic? I already have the “READ”/“WRITE”/“DESCRIBE” permission.

BTW, is mqtt-proxy a open source product? I search the whole github and cannot find the KafkaMqttMain class so that I cannot find any clue.


I finally got the reason.
It requires a topic called “_confluent-command”. Then, it will save the license info.
This is very un friendly design since the document of mqtt-proxy does not mention it at all.