Topics get deleted automatically

I have installed a confluent operator using Helm charts and as a cluster-wide operator (namespaced: false).
But every time I tried to add topics via the CRD with a different namespace, the topic get deleted automatically as soon as reconciled.
But if I create the topic with the same namespace as the cluster then it’s fine.
Is any configuration I need to put to avoid such deletion?

2022-03-28T21:51:30.506Z    INFO    kafkatopic    controller/finalizers.go:67    topic deleted    {"name": "test.topic", "namespace": "ns2"} 
2022-03-28T21:51:30.511Z    DEBUG    kafkatopic    controllers/kafkatopic_controller.go:98    finalizer removed    {"name": "test.topic", "namespace": "ns2", "kind": "KafkaTopic" 
2022-03-28T21:51:30.526Z    DEBUG    controller    controller/controller.go:197    Successfully Reconciled    {"reconcilerGroup": "", "reconcilerKind": "KafkaTopic", "controller": "kafkatopic", "name": "test.topic", "namespace": "ns2"}