Unable to connect to kafka with truststore and keystore file


I have to connect to some kafka instances, i was able to connect with this instances in plaintext one month ago, now i have to use authorization. I have two file, a keystore.jks and truststore.jks and related passwords, provided me by devops, i suppose when i create class ConsumerConfig i have to pass parameters related to authentication , but despite my efforts i cant authenticate with kafka.

i have tried in similar fashion:

 var cons = new ConsumerConfig
            GroupId = "GroupId",
            BootstrapServers = "BootstrapServers",
            Acks = Acks.All,
            AutoOffsetReset = AutoOffsetReset.Earliest,
            Debug = "debug,channel",
            EnableAutoCommit = false,
            SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocol.Ssl,
            SaslMechanism = SaslMechanism.ScramSha256,
            SslKeystoreLocation = @"C:\dev.keystore.jks",
            SslKeystorePassword = "keystorepassword",
            SslCaLocation = @"C:\dev.keystore.jks",

            SslCertificateLocation = @"C:\kafkadev.truststore.jks",
            SslKeyPassword = "truststorepassword"

i receive:

Disconnected while requesting ApiVersion: might be caused by incorrect security.protocol configuration (connecting to a SSL listener?)

Some other teammates that works in java was able to connect using these two file.
Can someone help me?