Amazon S3 Sink Connector to kafka cluster with SSL

I need to configure the connector so that it can receive data from an onprem kafka cluster using ssl, I have the truststore.jks and keystore.jks files but I can’t find how I can configure the connector to be able to use them

My configuration is like this in terraform using the aws_mskconnect_connector resource and using a custom confluent component:

connector_configuration = {
“connector.class” = “io.confluent.connect.s3.S3SinkConnector”
“tasks.max” = 2
“topics” = var.topic_name
“s3.region” = var.region
“” =
“flush.size” = 1
“storage.class” = “”
“format.class” = “io.confluent.connect.s3.format.json.JsonFormat”
“partitioner.class” = “”
“key.converter” = “”
“value.converter” = “”
“schema.compatibility” = “NONE”

How can I use SSL to authenticate?

I may be missing something, but, according to docs, this doesn’t seem to be supported. The configuration parameters for mTLS authentication are here, and these aren’t listed as supported config properties here.

So there is no way to connect via SSL?

Not that I see… I’d suggest asking in AWS re:Post to confirm.