Updated kafka-avro-serialize lib to 7.4.0 don't pick up custom KafkaAvroDeserializer

Hey community,

for mocking the avro schema registry we’ve override the KafkaAvroDeserializer, see code below

public class CustomerLocalKafkaAvroDeserializer extends KafkaAvroDeserializer {

    public Object deserialize(String topic, byte[] bytes) {
        this.schemaRegistry = getMockClient(CustomerData.SCHEMA$);
        return super.deserialize(topic, bytes);

    private static SchemaRegistryClient getMockClient(final Schema schema) {
        return new MockSchemaRegistryClient() {
            public ParsedSchema getSchemaBySubjectAndId(String subject, int id) {
                return new AvroSchema(schema);

This worked like charm before the version 7.4.0 . After the update of the kafka-avro-serialize lib to 7.4.0 our custom deserializer is no more used, a default KafkaAvroDeserializer is instantiated instead. We are configuring the deserializer setting the value-deserializer property. Has someone figured the same issue?