Upgrade from Kafka community version 5.5.0 to latest

Hi Team,

I have recently started working on a project in which they were using Kafka community version 5.5.0(ccs).
I am planning an upgrade from Kafka community version 5.5.0(ccs) to 7.x / Latest
I am referring to the upgrade documentation from confluent :Upgrade Confluent Platform | Confluent Documentation

I have a few questions if someone can help me please,

I want to plan an upgrade with no downtime, is the strategy mentioned below is Okay?

Our cluster has 5 brokers, 3 zookeepers, and 2 schema registry servers running on RHEL 7.9.2009/JAVA 11.

I would order 5 new broker nodes and install new brokers with 7.x.
I will migrate from the old broker to the new broker one by one, meaning I will stop the old broker and start the new broker with the same broker ID and IP as the old one. I would repeat the step for the remaining ones.

Question, how the compatibility is between 5.5.0-ccs and the latest 7.x (Zookeeper 5.5.0 can work with a broker from 7.0 )?
Do I first need to upgrade to 6.x before going to 7.0?

Apologies if I have posted the question in the wrong channel.

Any insights or help with this topic is highly appreciated.