What's your favourite blog or paper about Apache Kafka?

I saw this on Twitter today and thought it was a great question:

Mine is probably this one from Jay Kreps:

What would be your #1 recommendation for a paper/blog about Kafka?

This one from Martin Kleppmann: Using logs to build a solid data infrastructure (or: why dual writes are a bad idea) — Martin Kleppmann’s blog really helped me to get my head around log-based data systems.

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Strictly speaking not a Kafka paper but the ideas here are important.

For those interested in architecture, this one is equally important: Data on the Outside versus Data on the Inside | the morning paper
(I actually learnt this the hard way and didn’t read this paper until around 2012).


I found a lot of inspiration from Neil Avery’s blog series Journey to Event Driven. I found that it really put into words things that I had been thinking about and known about but had trouble articulating.

https://www.confluent.io/blog/journey-to-event-driven-part-1-why-event-first-thinking-changes-everything/ (Links to parts 2-4 at bottom of blog).

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When I started learning about Kafka, I found some really useful articles and tutorials on Dzone and Medium. Since that was early 2018, I assume they are somewhat outdated now.

Nowadays I would recommend an online course actually, for anyone interested in starting to use Kafka. There is a very good serie of courses on Udemy by Stephane Marek.

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