When operating the source connector, I want to target only specific columns in the table

“name”: “postgres-source”,
“config”: {
“connector.class”: “io.debezium.connector.postgresql.PostgresConnector”,
“database.hostname”: “”,
“database.port”: “5432”,
“database.user”: “postgres”,
“database.password”: “1234”,
“database.dbname”: “postgres”,
“database.server.name”: “postgres”,
“slot.name”: “source”,
“topic.prefix”: “CDC”,
“table.include.list”: “public.opr,public.opr_sys”,
“plugin.name”: “pgoutput”

“column.include.list”: “opr_no,opr_id” or “column.exclude.list”: “pw”, the document says that columns can be selectively applied through the corresponding property, but as a result of testing, when applying include, the object information entered in after is empty. Data cannot be read, and when excluding, all items are read as data, but there is a problem in that even items written in exclude are included.

When the opr table exists, I want to issue messages through the source connector only for the opr_no and opr_id columns among the three columns.

create table opr
opr_no varchar(20) not null
constraint opr_pk
primary key,
opr_id varchar(300)
pw varchar(200)

need help

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