Wildcard with alter config command

Is it possible to use a wildcard when adding a config?
So I am trying to increase the retention time for multiple topics. Topics are like abc-1 to abc-99.
I tried to use abc-1* but it throws an error.

Is there anyway to update multiple topics at once?

hi @robbyd

I think the best way to achieve might be a small shell script
something like

for a in $(kafka-topics --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --list | grep '^a')
#debug echo $a
kafka-configs --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --alter  --entity-name $a --entity-type topics --add-config retention.ms=5000

output shoud be something like

Completed updating config for topic a1.
Completed updating config for topic a2.
Completed updating config for topic a3.


Great. Thank you. That works.

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