Access denied (

Hi, is there some problem in the Confluent repository (Index of maven) ?
Since from today when i compile i got:

Could not transfer metadata … from/to confluent: Access denied to: Index of maven/org

On a lot of artifact!! Thanks

From slack thread: Slack

I cannot reproduce @loridigia 's issue. I see warnings about maven not finding non-confluent artifacts here, but thats expected, and just that: Warnings, not errors.

FWIW I did recently change some of the settings/configuration of this HTTP endpoint, but those should be transparent to maven clients and didn’t cause issues in any of my testing.

If anything maven may be getting a new HTTP status code that it wasn’t before (it certainly didn’t get a 200 from an artifact we don’t host), but those codes are expected for artifacts that we don’t host. This was likely a redharring to your real issue, as I cannot (in a separate hermetic isolated environment in a docker debian:10 image) reproduce your problem with the minimal pom you gave me (from the slack thread), likewise I can build any confluent project (eg: common, ksql) off of tags/release branches without this issue.