Accessing topics and control center from host machine

Hi All,
I am new to Kafka and Confluent. This is, in fact, my first post in confluent forums and I don’t know if its the correct category or not but it seemed a relevant one. So apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.
I have downloaded and installed confluent on a centos vm on my Windows laptop. However, I am unable to access Kafka console centre and Kafka brokers from my host machine. Is there anyway that I may be able to connect from my host machine?

Hi @dirshah, welcome to the forum! I moved your post to #ops :slight_smile:

Can you give me a bit more detail about how you installed Confluent, what version, and how you are running? Also how you are trying to connect to the brokers and Confluent Control Center, and what error or problems you encounter when doing so?

hi @dirshah

perhaps a networking/routing problem between your vm and host.

and as @rmoff a bit more detail would be fine :wink:

I have followed the following URL to install the confluent local on my centos 7 VM.

Moreover, This thread is more about accessing the Control Center. I have posted another question (Java client Timed out waiting for a node assignment) as well where I mentioned that I followed one of your posts to connect my Java Client to the brokers but thats not working. I will appreciate if you could look into that thread as well.