Control Center not able to access outside the linux (RHEL) box

I have installed Confluent Platform on my linux (RHEL) machine. I am able to create topics, publish and subscribe data from Kafka topic.
As its Linux machine, I cannot access the Control Center on same machine. I tried accessing the URL http://machine ip address:9021 ( from different machine which is in the same network. Its not working. Giving me error : This site cannot be reached.
My & file/s are default. No changes made in these config files.

Please help/suggest.

hey @SandeepMali
did you check the log files?
curl localhost:9021 works fine?


Thanks Michael.
I checked the control center logs folder but its empty.
I ran the curl localhost:9021. attached is the details. I did get some HTML response but I did not understand.


ok looks correct to me.

as it’s a linux machine:
did you check whether there is a firewall running?


Sorry for the late reply. Yes. There is a firewall running on linux machine.
Do we need to change or open any port in any of the configuration file?? Please suggest. Thanks for your help…


yep open at least port 9021 for incoming connections
to test I would shortly stop firewalld and then test the url again

Thanks for the inputs. This worked. But looks like that’s not the best way looking at the security.
Any idea how this can be done with extra security (only intranet people can access the URL)?

what about a proxy in between?
haproxy oder nginx?

or adapt the linux firewalld to allow incoming traffic on port 9021.


I will find out that details. Thanks again for your quick responses. Much appreciated.


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