Control center not available on port 9021

We r trying to run control center( confluent 7.6 )on RHEL but it is not running on 9021.

Please find the attachment which includes output after running command.

This might be a local networking issue, specifically localhost not mapping to Most of the issues I see that look like this are networking / JDK-related and the fix tends to be editing /etc/hosts to get that mapping, e.g., see here.

If you run ping localhost does it output PING localhost ( or something else? If it’s not, then maybe what’s happening is a mismatch in JMX config between the JMX_HOSTNAME environment variable and the default java.rmi.server.hostname Java property (see documentation here). If your observations line up with this so far, then you’d fix this either by editing the localhost mapping so that the default JMX config works, or you could override the default – e.g., if localhost is, then try this override:

KAFKA_JMX_OPTS: -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=