Attempting to configure kafka to send metrics to coralogix

Hello all.

I have the otel jar installed and it is collecting/sending log data to coralogix.

The question I have is in how to configure the yaml to send the metrics data over.

The jar is installed and I can see metrics data at http://server:9464/metrics but I am unclear on how to set the config specific for transmission.

Does anyone have a sample otel yaml file I can reference?

Right now I have the following snippets. What else am I missing?

include: [ /opt/kafka/kafka_2.13-3.7.0/logs/*.log ]
start_at: beginning

- job_name: ‘otel-collector’
scrape_interval: 10s
- targets: [‘’]
- job_name: ‘kafka-broker1’
scheme: ‘http’
scrape_interval: 120s
metrics_path: ‘/metrics’
- targets: [‘servername’]

# Traces, Metrics and Logs emitted by this OpenTelemetry exporter
# are tagged in Coralogix with the default application and subsystem constants.
application_name: "kafka-broker"
subsystem_name: "kafka-broker1-dev"