C3 does not see Connect cluster with MDS configuration

After full kafka cluster deployment with cp-ansible 6.2.3-post the C3 logged in with control_center user does not see Kafka Connect cluster or KSQL cluster. The ‘Connect Clusters’ tab displays error message ‘No Connect Clusters Found’.
The C3 properties correctly point to the running Connect nodes like that:


The CLI from the C3 server lists connect-cluster with no issues like that:

ec2-user@p31-c3-se-1:~$ confluent login --url https://p31-brkr-se-1:8090 --ca-cert-path ./ca.crt
Enter your Confluent credentials:
Username: control_center
Password: ********
ec2-user@p31-c3-se-1:~$ confluent connect cluster list
          Name          |      Type       |        Kafka ID        |  Component ID   |                 Hosts                  | Protocol
  kafka-connect-cluster | connect-cluster | E87yXwVKTRSLA5PkA3ORuA | connect-cluster | p31-kcon-se-1:8083, p31-kcon-se-2:8083 | HTTPS

Any ideas on how to make C3 see the Connect cluster?

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mmh first question: did you already check the logs?
any errors there?


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Found the resolution. The key is the user you log in to the C3 and its rolebindings. If you login with connect-worker that has the resourceOwner on the Connect cluster then you see the cluster. Now it is just a matter of proper rolebindings assignment to the users you use to manage C3 with.

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