Confluent cluster linking source initiated link with OSK

Hello Team,

As mentioned in documentation that cluster linking is compatible to migrate data from Apache Kafka version 2.4 or later. I am trying to do a POC (apache kafka cluster as source cluster and confluent cloud dedicated cluster as destination cluster) where my apache kafka cluster is in my local system (inaccessible from internet) & it does not have binary ‘kafka-cluster-links’ in order to create source initiated cluster links.

Also, I checked installing confluent community edition, I did not find ‘kafka-cluster-links’ binary.

I have few questions regarding the same:

  1. Does OSK and Confluent community edition clusters being source cluster in data migration support source initiated cluster linking?
  2. Can ‘kafka-cluster-links’ binary and its required jar packages be downloaded separately and configured for OSK ?
  3. If it has to be destination initiated cluster linking, how can we achieve cluster linking in case if cluster is secured with mTLS ?

No, source-initiated cluster linking requires Confluent Platform (7.1.0 or later) enterprise license.

Yes, you can download it with Confluent Platform here. I don’t think there’s a more surgical way to download it.

Take a look at the guidelines here for a destination-initiated link where the source uses mTLS