Step-by-Step Guide: Installing and Using Confluent Hub Connectors in Apache Kafka Cluster without Confluent Platform

Hello Confluent community,

I hope everyone is doing well. Today, I’d like to seek your guidance and expertise on a topic that I believe will benefit many Kafka users out there who are using Apache Kafka clusters without the Confluent Platform.

I am interested in exploring the installation and usage of connectors from Confluent Hub in an Apache Kafka cluster without the Confluent Platform. I understand that Confluent Hub offers a wide range of connectors that can greatly simplify data integration and management.

If you have experience with this process or can provide insights into the step-by-step procedure, please share your knowledge here. Your valuable input will be highly appreciated by not only me but also by fellow community members facing similar challenges.

Key points to address:

  1. How to identify the appropriate connector from Confluent Hub for a specific use case?
  2. Step-by-step installation process for the chosen connector on a standalone Apache Kafka cluster.
  3. Configuration and setup requirements for the connector to work seamlessly with the cluster.
  4. Validation and testing steps to ensure the successful integration of the connector.
  5. Any troubleshooting tips or known issues to be aware of during the process.

Your assistance will empower the community to leverage the capabilities of Confluent Hub connectors and enrich their Kafka ecosystems. Let’s collaborate and share our expertise to create a comprehensive guide that can benefit Kafka enthusiasts worldwide.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Best regards,
Nirmal Srinivasan

The hub client is just a wrapper around http client and tarball extractor. The hub website isn’t a definitive source of information, and most connectors have documentation and source code elsewhere such as Github. Error handling and configuration are all specific to each, and they all should have adequate server logging (done with file, part of Kafka)

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