Useful resources for learning to write your own connector plugin for Kafka Connect

Step 0 is to check Confluent Hub to make sure you’re not writing a connector that exists already! :slight_smile: But assuming there isn’t, here are some useful resources the detail how to go about writing your own connector.


Conference talks



Another option to add to the list is the repo below. It contains a minimalist connector with its main logic to-be-implemented so new developers can catch up fast. It is the code the I have used in the conference talk above :partying_face:


I did a talk about custom connectors at swampup 2018
video: swampUP 2018 | Fight Crime with Kafka Streams and Bintray Firehose API - YouTube

code: GitHub - gAmUssA/kafka-connect-bintray: Kafka Connect connector to Binary firehose API

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