Control Center, Gui command to text request

Cross posting from another thread where I made suggestion:

… Request to development…
when using the ControlCenter… allow the user, instead of save/execute command to show the command to be executed.

like in SQLDeveloper, show SQL.

This can then allow a admin to compile a set of commands that configure his environment into a script that he can execute, other words, also add into a configuration management system and version control.


Can you please share a few examples of what “save/execute command” you’re referring to?

when creating a topic,
Topic->Add Topic->Add Topic Name
Now instead of Create with Defaults, click show command. or
Customise Settings> add all the special values you want.
Now give option “save and Create” and “show command”


… the short of it is actually, anytime you have a “save” or “create” or “execute” give a show command option, and then display the cli interface version of whats being done.