Disaster Recovery Strategy


Good day!

I have a 3 Node Kafka with log.dirs and dataDir (mounted and shared accross the 3 nodes), what is the best way to implement a disaster recovery?

  1. Using Mirror Maker
  2. Kafka DR (with the same broker id of the offline broker and mount the shared log.dirs and dataDir)

Hi @hasmine.roldan

depends a little on your needs/requirements I guess :wink:

Basically MirrorMaker2 could help in surviving hardware errors or data center outages (depending on your env). Also you have the possibility to route some read requests to the passive cluster.

Could you provide some more details about your current setup?
3 Node Kafka Cluster with shared log dirs? I guess every Kafka broker has its own directory, right?


Hi @mmuehlbeyer, that’s right every broker has its own directory.

Kindly see the directory below:

Node 1:


Node 2:


Node 3:


Also, may I know how to remove the topic prefix when replicating topics using mirror maker. I have replicated my topics to another cluster and it has a format source.topic_name

there was another discussion regarding the prefix.
see How to avoid cycles with mirrormaker - #17 by mmuehlbeyer

the prefix is “works as designed”


Hi @mmuehlbeyer,

I have read that it’s a feature to prevent cycles specially for active/active setup. I’m implementing active/passive setup, is there a way to remove the topic prefix while replicating?

Hi @hasmine.roldan

I think you need to create and use your own customised replication policy

see the forum thread mentioned above as well as this post at stackoverflow:


Or you could simply use the RegexRouter SMT to drop the prefix for target topics: RegexRouter | Confluent Documentation

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