Failed to start confluent-kafka.service : Unit confluent-kafka.service not found

I’ve just installed your confluent-platform on Ubuntu by following this documentation Manual Install using Systemd on Ubuntu and Debian | Confluent Documentation and I can’t start kafka. I get an error:

sudo systemctl start confluent-kafka
Failed to start confluent-kafka.service: Unit confluent-kafka.service not found.


could you provide some more details?
starting zookeeper was possible?

could you check the installed packages with

apt list --installed 

Yes, I can start zookeeper.

I installed it by floowing your documentation.

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository “deb [arch=amd64] stable main”
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install confluent-platform

apt list --installed | grep confluent

confluent-ce-kafka-http-server/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-cli/stable,now 6.2.0-1 amd64 [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-common/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-control-center/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-control-center-fe/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-hub-client/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-kafka-connect-replicator/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-kafka-mqtt/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-kafka-rest/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-ksqldb/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-metadata-service/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-platform/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany]
confluent-rebalancer/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-rest-utils/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-schema-registry/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-server/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-server-rest/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]
confluent-telemetry/stable,now 6.2.0-1 all [zainstalowany,automatycznie]

mmh as you‘ve installed with

apt-get install confluent-platform

the correct way to start the env should be

systemctl start confluent-server

Yeah, but the docs says clearly:
systemctl start confluent-server
systemctl start confluent-kafka

yeah but it states also that it depends on the components you‘ve installed

so imho

sudo systemctl start confluent-server

should be enough