Hi! my name is Loïc

Hi everyone :wave: ,

I’m Loïc DIVAD, a French software engineer working at Spotify, in Sweden. I’ve started in a consulting company called Xebia France as Scala developer, mainly on data engineering projects in Paris. That’s where I got involved with event streaming and could realise several community contributions. Training, blogging, and speaking at conferences were part of my job as well. To me, knowledge sharing is an essential part of the developer role, and that’s why I use my spare time building some weird demos :laughing:. I co-founded DataXDay, which is a data conference in Paris, and I was previously an organiser. Recently, I’ve joined a group of very cool people called the: Confluent Community Catalysts and I was a member of the 2020s Kafka Summit Program Committee.


Hey Loïc, great to have you here!


Hi @ldivad ! Nice to see you are here :slight_smile:

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hey @ldivad, you are doing great work with your tutorials and demos, great to have you.


Yay! Great to see you @ldivad!

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:star_struck::hugs: Thanks, @ksilin !!

Great to see you here @ldivad :star_struck: