How to define storage path on Confluent Center (Kafka)

use standard home path for confluent center

 export CONFLUENT_HOME=/home/kafka/confluent/confluent-7.4.0

Unfortunately, I can not change path to store data. I found Kafka config in path and set up needed storage

 cat /home/kafka/confluent/confluent-7.4.0/etc/kafka/ | grep log.dir

Than I restart Confluent Platform, however Path is wrong

./confluent local services start
The local commands are intended for a single-node development environment only, NOT for production usage. See more:
As of Confluent Platform 8.0, Java 8 is no longer supported.

Using CONFLUENT_CURRENT: /tmp/confluent.430818
Starting ZooKeeper
ZooKeeper is [UP]
Kafka is [UP]
Starting Schema Registry
Schema Registry is [UP]
Starting Kafka REST
Kafka REST is [UP]
Starting Connect
Connect is [UP]
Starting ksqlDB Server
ksqlDB Server is [UP]
Starting Control Center
Control Center is [UP]

Unfortunately, web interface can not allow location of storage.

log.dir is a deprecated config

Look at log.dirs, which says “Overridden”