Moving topic data directory to mounted disk

Hi everyone. I’m just getting started with the Confluent platform. I installed it using the on-premise tar method on a small Ubuntu VM.

Now I would like Kafka to store the data within topics on a mounted disk. Therefore, I adjusted the and specified the directory (e.g. “/mnt/kafka”) in the log.dirs parameter according to the docs.

I then start the platform using confluent local services start and create my connectors to populate the topics. However, my directory on the mounted disk does not seem to be written data to.

It looks like the data remains here: “/tmp/confluent.104865/kafka/data”

Any thoughts on what could be missing?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @abaschkim

you need to start zookeeper and kafka with the commands described in Manual Install using ZIP and TAR Archives | Confluent Documentation

basically with
<path-to-confluent>/bin/zookeeper-server-start <path-to-confluent>/etc/kafka/


<path-to-confluent>/bin/kafka-server-start <path-to-confluent>/etc/kafka/

the command confluent local commands are intended for dev environments with only temp data.
afaik starting the env with
confluent local services start
will always use a temp directory (depending on your os)


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