Issue in running kafka in wsl

Hi all;

I have issue while running kafka in wsl in a windows 10 machine.

When I use “confluent local services start”, it will keep showing the “Starting Zookeeper” but if I open another wsl window and try “confluent local services status”, it shows the Zookeeper is up. See the attached screenshot.

If I run “confluent local services start” again, it knows Zookeeper has been started and stuck in the next process; “Starting Kafka”. Again, if I check the status, Kafka is already up. I need to keep do this one by one until all have been started.

Any idea? I assume the “start” command use the same logic as in “status” to check the process but how come “start” does not know it is up but “status” knows it correctly?



did you check the logs?
Should be in /tmp/confluent.629954


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Thanks HTH and I did look at the logs, especially the one under zookeper/logs but I am not able to find anything …

However, all the sudden, it is working … what I did was:

  1. Remove the /tmp/confluent.xxxxxxx and /tmp/confluent.current, I did this before and it was not helping, so, I think this is unlikely the cure.
  2. I upgraded to wsl 2 and set it as default version.


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