Kafka Administrator Career Path

Hi everyone!

I am planning to take CCOAK Confluent Certified Operator for Apache Kafka exam. I would like to know what is the career path after taking this certification?

Hi @hasmine.roldan,

One point of clarification is that the CCOAK was renamed to CCAAK (Confluent Certified Administrator for Apache Kafka) a couple of years ago.

In terms of career path, there are many possibilities. Kafka Administrator or DevOps roles are an option. Software developers and architects also, particularly those whose applications are at a scale where administrative choices are critical, or those on typically smaller teams whose role spans into DevOps.

I’m hoping others with the cert will chime in here. Some other channels to explore this if you haven’t already:

  • Head over to the Confluent Community Slack #certification channel and poll there
  • Search the certificate on LinkedIn to see the kinds of people / employment profiles that pop up. (search both CCOAK and CCAAK)
  • Message those people on LinkedIn to ask about their experience
  • Search job listings for the CCAAK certification. e.g., on LinkedIn Jobs I see a bunch of postings that list the CCAAK as a preferred qualification


Thank you @dtroiano!