Training required for success exam

Hi all. I’m going to acquire CCDAK. We are using Apache Kafka in production but I’m going to attend confluent training course before anyway.
Will “Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka®” Be enough?
As I understand topics from “Confluent Stream Processing using Apache Kafka® Streams & ksqlDB” will not be included into exam? I still want to listen this source too, but first milestone is certification.


The “Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka®” course is enough to get the CCDAK. This course include a nice overview of both Kafka Streams and KSQL. The course handbook contains a lot of details information needed for the certification.

I personally got my certification after following the course. You can prepare using Confluent Exam questions, Confluent Certification Bootcamp.

I personally followed an Udemy course on the subject which was ok but not great. Other Udemy courses we created meanwhile that may be worthwhile but I didn’t personally experience it.

What I ended up doing for preparing for the CCDAK was preparing a bullet-points list of subjects I needed to study (around 15~) and study every one of them deeply using Confluent resources and numerous blog articles. Asking a few questions to senior colleagues also helped.

Good luck!

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That is great advice and many congratulations on passing your exam.
I’d like to add a few more suggestions here:-
Some study tips to help you prepare are listed below

  1. Confluent Certification helps your prepare by offering you a 35-minute (go to the cert webpage to get the link)
  2. Taking our free Accreditation is a great way to see what you know – go to
  3. Take a Free assessment to see if you need training Confluent Fundamentals of Apache Kafka® Survey
  4. Take the Free Introduction to Kafka Series on YouTube
  5. Attend a meet-up, meet-ups are great places to learn more and expand your knowledge

I’d also like to add that practical work experience is highly recommended.

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Already did 1-4. And 5 just started to do today. Keep movin’