Looking for example - create topic

hi guys.

I’d like to add some code to app, that checks for existence of a topic, if it does not exist it creates it… to my specs.

anyone have example code specifying at basic,
name, protection level, retention, partitions.


What language are you working in? Golang? Python? etc.

oops… this is for golang.


If this is for Confluent’s Go client for Apache Kafka® , here is an Admin Client example: confluent-kafka-go/admin_create_topic.go at master · confluentinc/confluent-kafka-go · GitHub

awesome, thank you.


… Request to development…
when using the CibtrolCenter… allow the user, instead of save/execute command to show the command to be executed.

like in SQLDeveloper, show SQL.


Hey george, this is a good idea - you can post it in #tools:graphical-tools :slight_smile:

I see in the Java code there is a topicExist method, anything similar in Golang, not seeing reference to it.


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