Monney datatype on Oracle DB

I have used Debezium Connect to extract data from MSSQL to Kafka and used the JDBC Sink Connector to transfer data from Kafka to Oracle. Due to the different database systems, some data types in MSSQL, such as the ‘money’, are not available in Oracle. The ‘money’ in MSSQL always displays two decimal places, such as 3000.00 and 3000.10

From our testing, we found that the NUMBER, FLOAT, BINARY_FLOAT, BINARY_DOUBLE, NUMERIC, DECIMAL, DOUBLE PRECISION, and REAL data types in Oracle only display decimal places as necessary, such as 3000 and 3000.1.

Do you happen to know of any methods to make Oracle display decimal places as ‘money’ in MSSQL, with two decimal places consistently?

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