Query Regarding Connect with Confluent (CWC) Integration

Dear Confluent Community,

We are currently exploring the possibility of integrating our application with “Connect with Confluent” (CWC). We have a couple of questions regarding the requirements and considerations for this integration:

Schema Registry Requirement: Is it mandatory for our application to support Schema Registry in order to be part of the “Connect with Confluent” program? We would like to understand if schema management is a prerequisite for CWC integration.

Producer Service Support: We have already implemented support for our application as a producer service, allowing us to publish data to Kafka. If we wish to fully align with the CWC program, do we also need to configure our application as a consumer service? Are there any specific requirements for consumer service integration with CWC?

We appreciate your guidance on these matters, as they will help us make informed decisions about our integration with CWC. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards.