Rack Awareness for AWS multiple availability zones On EKS Cluster

Hi Everyone - I have deployed confluent kafka on EKS k8s cluster.I am using confluent helm charts to deploy this.

I want to deploy the Kafka pods on different availability zones on EKS Cluster, using Rack Awareness. Please let me know how to configure rackawaress for confluent helm charts.


hey @bharathreddy901

did you consider the following:


Hi @mmuehlbeyer - I have followed above link, in which file I need to add service account details…I am not sure. Can you please help on this.

Hi @bharathreddy901

basically you could create a separate file for the service account and deploy it.

for reference

check also


Hi @mmuehlbeyer - I am able to deploy the Confluent rack awareness AWS EKS cluster. I followed below link to integrate this.I have deployed 2 yaml files.

i am checking how can I integrate service account,rbac,rackawareness in cp-helm charts.

I would recommend to use the operator made by confluent.
Though if you would like to stick with the helm charts I guess you have to manually adapt them or deploy first the service accounts with:

kubectl apply -f $TUTORIAL_HOME/service-account-rolebinding.yaml

adapt the service account in the helm chart and then deploy.


Hi @mmuehlbeyer - Thanks for your support, finally it worked.

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Keep in mind, cp-helm-charts are no longer maintained

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