Snowflake Sink connector: Connect Confluent and Snowflake Across Different Clouds and Regions

I want to connect my Confluent Cloud with Snowflake using Snowflake Sink connector. While I managed to do that when both Confluent cluster and Snowflake account are in the same provider and same region, I face problems when Confluent is in GCP (us-west4) and Snowflake is in AWS (eu-north) for example. The message I get during the setup procedure is:

Please make sure the cloud region is supported by Snowflake and Kafka cluster and Snowflake database are in the same region.

According to Confluent tutorial:

The data system the sink connector is connecting to should be in the same region as your Confluent Cloud cluster. If you use a different region or cloud platform, be aware that you may incur additional data transfer charges.

But it doesn’t let me implement this.

When using the same provider and region, the flow was working correctly.

Did anyone have a similar problem?