Substituting a new secure session/transport implementation

Hi y’all. I’m rabbit, previously at Dish Network. We deployed Kafka into production in 2014. I implemented a meta-interface repository in top of Kafka and every object class passing through could be encoded as JSON, XML, AVRO or a proprietary encoding. And so event encodings specified in the meta-interface repository, as well as specific Consumers,

In Java, these event classes were annotated for all these encodings by NOT doing a schema first driven class generation, which overwrites all method extensions and removes alternate annotations. A pain in the ass and another case of the conventional wisdom being as wrong as can be!

This was the Dish Event System (DES) project [1], for which I was the lead which built the Agile team, and the System Architect Designer. ZERO bugs across two releases in 6 months!

My interest in Kafka is to use the replica model for storing events to using replicas in my encrypted communications session/transport layer, ParrotTalk [2]. I want to use ParrotTalk as the session/transport layer under the Kafka protocol: Brokers, Producers & Consumers all over ParrotTalk. How might I accomplish this?

Thanks! :rabbit:
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[1] DES - Dish Looks to Open Source Software after Database Failure - WSJ
[2] ParrotTalk - GitHub - CallistoHouseLtd/ParrotTalk: Green. To install ParrotTalk in Java, first clone the ASN1 project, then the ParrotTalk project. Link the ASN1 project into ParrotTalk and run the ParrotTalk tests.

To be more descriptive I want to use replica Sessions to talk to an encrypted peer, so as to provide resiliency under DDOS attacks. Always connected!