Transform not loading when not in main classpath

Hi Folks,
Standalone connector server. I’ve got a connector which is in one jar - along with a transformer - I want to keep them together.
The transformer and the connector are dependent on another jar - which is in the kafka classpath and in the plugin.path.

I’m starting the connector using the API and it gets to the point where the transformer is being created but the classloader being used looks like it’s the main kafka classloader not the plugin.path classloader (I’m assuming they are different).
java classpath: thedependency.jar
plugin.path: myconnector.jar, the dependency.jar
doesn’t load the transformer but starts the connector


java classpath: thedependency.jar, myconnector.jar
plugin.path: myconnector.jar, the dependency.jar
does load the connector and transformer

how can this be??
this looks like a bug to me??

thanks for any help.