Kafka Connect Plugin Path


In the worker_config , I am specifying the plugin.path as "/u/goyaltu/Documents/RAFT/raft-core/java/lean-jar" , so there are 4 jars inside it, two are the lean jars of two connectors - JDBC and PyConnect, and other two are dependencies where one of the jar is dependency of both of the connectors.

In the logs I am able to see all 4 jars from plugin are loaded and registered.
When I am submitting the connector, it is giving java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError which is there in the dependency jar already.

    "workers": {
      "count": 1,
      "worker_config": {
        "plugin.path": [


Can someone help with the problem?

why is the class not able to found when connector is submitted although it is there in plugin.path already

After deploying the connector plugin, did you restart the connect service? This step is mandatory for the connect service to pickup and add the latest connector-specific JARs to the classpath and make them available to the Connect service.

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