Using system topic _schema

I just discovered the system topic called _schema and I can’t find any information about it.
What I’m trying to do is consume all the metadata on each topic to populate a Data Catalog for discovery and understanding of all of our Topics.

I’m hoping I can use this _schema topic to consume new and updated topic schemas.

Thoughts from the Community?

David Botzenhart

Is it _schemas with an s? That’s the default topic where Schema Registry stores schemas (documentation here).

I’d recommend checking out the Schema Registry API (reference, examples) to do this since it’s a documented contract. Not that I know of any undocumented gotchas that you hit if you built a catalog directly based on the _schemas topic, but the API is a safer bet IMO.

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Thank you @dtroiano for the quick reply and the correction. I’m with you being safer in calling the API, BUT… I wanted to get away from the batch processing and handle the event. Eat the dogfood. :slightly_smiling_face: If the _schemas doesn’t workout that will be option #2.