Consume topic different schema events

I have created a JAVA App to produce multiple schemas to a single topic (looks good but the UI does not represent this - may be because it is a standalone install?). Anyway I am trying to figure out what I need to do to consume from the topic for a single schema. I have set the to TopicRecordNameStrategy.class.getName() but the consume attempts to pull all event types. I assumed the schema name already available is enough for data to be consumed. Is there something else I need to set and if so do I even need the value property set?


I don’t fully understand your question, but trying to answer it but could be missing something.

your consumer will get all messages and it is up to you to read/discard messages by message inspection.

If you are using Avro, you may want to not use specific record and treat the avro with GenericRecord and then use getField() type methods to inspect the data and determine if it is of interest or not for your consumer. If you use specific record the consumer will try to deserialize the data into POJOs and you will have deserialization issues any time a new schema is written to the topic. – for specific record, the schema name and POJOs generated from the avro schemas will also be needed for deserialization.