Single topic that consists of many different events

I have a single topic that consists of many different events (schemas from different topics combined into one). We have a Python code that is the consumer, which streams data continuously. I have a schema registry that is up and running with its compatibility set to none.

Here is my question: Whenever there are changes in the schema, it gets registered in the Schema Registry and is mapped to data with a unique ID. When data is continuously streaming through the consumer, we want to know if this ID is attached along with the streaming data. This can help us understand at which point in time the schema changed, allowing us to take necessary actions to ensure a smooth flow of data. It would be even better if the system could indicate why the schema change occurred, whether it was an addition, deletion, or rename. We also want to know if using a single topic with a schema registry with compatibility set to none is a feasible approach, and what the limitations might be. I am new to this part of the tech industry, so any help in coming to a conclusion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.