Confluent kafka cli error

Following command when I executed
$confluent kafka client-config create java --schema-registry-api-key my-sr-key --schema-registry-api-secret my-sr-secret

it gives a error saying unkonwn flag : --schema-registry-api-key

Above command is copied from document - confluent kafka client-config create java | Confluent Documentation

Please help

hi @Agaff
welcome :slight_smile:

which cli version do you have in place?


Hi mmuehlbeyer,

Thanks for your email
Version is as follows
Version: v2.6.1
Git Ref: 6d920590
Build Date: 2022-02-18T06:14:21Z
Go Version: go1.17.6 (darwin/arm64)

Regards, Agaff

you need to update the cli
current one is version v3.45.0

see Confluent CLI Overview | Confluent Documentation


Hi Michael

Thanks this has helped. This is resolved. :blush:

Refards, Abdul

Hi Micheal,

Many Thanks this is resolved.

regards Abdul

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