Error while creating java Config

Below is the error while creating Java client using CLI ( i have logged in to confluent)

Amazon Linux system

confluent kafka client-config create java --environment env-xxxx–cluster lkc-yyyy
Error: unknown flag: --environment
confluent kafka [command]

Available Commands:
acl Manage Kafka ACLs.
cluster Manage Kafka clusters.
link Manages inter-cluster links.
mirror Manages cluster linking mirror topics.
region Manage Confluent Cloud regions.
topic Manage Kafka topics.

Global Flags:
-h, --help Show help for this command.
-v, --verbose count Increase verbosity (-v for warn, -vv for info, -vvv for debug, -vvvv for trace).

Use “confluent kafka [command] --help” for more information about a command.

What version of the CLI do you have? I tested on v3.64.1 of the CLI and it’s working as expected.